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Welcome to the National GAPs Program Research and Extension Database.
Here you will find over 1000 references related to produce safety research. Visit the Zotero site to begin your search.

For those familiar with our references database, please note that we have moved our references from RefShare to Zotero (click on the images below).

Zotero screen grab

You can search all of the references by Title, Creator, Year or Full text (click on dropdown to the left of the search box).

If you find an article that interests you, but is not available directly for download, you may consider contacting your local public library as they may have access to some of the databases containing these articles. Alternatively, you may contact your local extension educator as they may have access to a university library that may have a subscription to the journal of interest. A link to the Zotero site along with the Ref ID of the article(s) you are interested is important, so provide this information to anyone who can assist you in your search.

Zotero screen capture

Additionally, you are invited to visit the Cornell campus whereby you can access the articles from any computer.

If you live in NY, you can find a local CCE representative near you or contact Michele Humiston ( with your article requests.