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Food Safety Begins on the Farm - An Assessment

Food Safety Begins on the Farm cover

Food Safety Begins on the Farm:

A Grower Self Assessment of Food Safety Risks
A. Rangarajan, E.A. Bihn, M.P. Pritts, and R.B. Gravani;

OUT OF STOCK. New edition currently in production.

The assessment is designed to guide growers through the process of identifying risks particular to their operation, developing appropriate solutions, implementing good agricultural practices and developing a farm food safety plan. This document has 21 sections allowing growers to evaluate many different parts of their operation including harvest sanitation, worker hygiene, wild animals, water use, farm biosecurity, and crisis management. Each section contains worksheets so that growers can document their progress and plan for GAPs implementation. (English only).

Download the farm assessment sections

  • Farm Assessment Instructions (pdf)
  • My Farm Assessment (pdf)
  • Record Keeping (pdf)
  • Worker Hygiene (pdf)
  • Toilets and Handwashing (pdf)
  • Water Use (pdf)
  • Pesticide Use (pdf)
  • Manure Use (pdf)
  • Compost Use (pdf)
  • Herd Health (pdf)
  • Wild Animals (pdf)
  • Harvest Sanitation (pdf)
  • Post Harvest Handling (pdf)
  • Juice and Cider (pdf)
  • Direct Marketing (pdf)
  • U-Pick Operations (pdf)
  • Petting Zoos (pdf)
  • Farm Biosecurity (pdf)
  • Crisis Management (pdf)
  • *Complete Set (pdf)